Watermass provides cost-effective and reliable Water treatment systems and services for the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries. Watermass offers the broadest portfolio of water and process technologies, including Potable Water Generation, Purified Water Generation, Purified Water & WFI Storage & Distribution Systems, PFW & WFI Loop Piping, Clean Steam & Utilities piping and knowledge resources for validation and regulatory compliance.

USP Purified Water Pretreatment Systems

USP Potable Water Generation Systems

Understanding the analysis of the raw water is the key to designing a robust, reliable and consistent Water System

At WATERMASS we dwelve deep into your raw wate analysis report. It holds the key to design an optimally performing water system. The pretreatment should be able to take all the gross and bulk load and allow only subtle and minimal residual contaminant to be taken care by the Purified Water system

Our complet range of Pretreatment solution includes Chlorine Dosing Systems, Multigrade Sand Filters, Single / Duples Softeners, Ultrafiltration Systems and Reverse Osmosis Systems.

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USP Purified Water Generation System

Engineered to take the input of the Potable Water System output, our RO, RO_EDI, Ultrafiltration Systems incorporate sanitary design along with efficiency enhancing features that are engineered to save Water, Power and Effluent. Conductivity as low as 0.1µ/cm is achieved with very high recovery with low reject

The PFW Generation Systems are compact, skid mounted, with PLC / SCADA contros that enable pre-programmed automated Sanitization cycles with graphical representation on the MMI Panel. Our high focus on thermal engineering and system design ensures lowest possible thermal shocks to the sensitive polymeric membranes during sanitization cycles.

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USP Purified Water RO-EDI Systems
USP Purified Water Storage & Distributin systems

PFW & WFI Storage & Distribution System

Maintaining and delivering the quality of the USP PFW & WFI is very critical. There is a strong tendency of the water to degrade chemically (conductivity increase) and biologically (increase in microbial count) over a period of time. Hence optimal engineering design is required to prevent or atleast retard these factors. An overdesigned Storage tank is much prone to conductivity increase than an optimally sized tank.

Our systems incorporate complete sanitary design with zero dead legs. You have complete control on the Distribution, Disinfection and Monitoring with our smart software depicting realtime data on the MMI with touch panel controls. Alarms, Status Logs and Automated Sanitization / Sterilization Cycles ensure stringent compliance.

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Loop Piping & Process Piping

Our years of hands on experience has taught us that even the best of engineering is no substitute to the ability to respond to the demanding site conditions. Challenging environments (existing pipings, HVAC ductings) and Loop design requirements (Slopes, drain points) are few of the many.

That's why we believe in training our site engineers on the Design & Validation aspects of Pharmaceutical Water. This ensures they can take an informed decision and respond to the site challenges on the spot, thereby ensureing the site does not get delayed due to the unforseen site changes.

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USP Purified Water Distribution Loop

Our Projects

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    Potable Water Generation System

    We begin by understanding your Raw Water Analysis Reports, be it from your bore or from your local municipal supply. We design optmized system to treat your water depending on the suspended & dissolved impurities in your raw water. A typical (but not limited to) Potable Water system consists of -
    Chlorination > Sand Filtration > Softener > Ultrafiltration > Potable RO. Our expert Water Treatment System designers carefully evaluate your water quality and its seasonal fluctuations to carefully design a robust system to ensure consistent quality and quantity output.
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    Purified Water Generation System

    Once you have a reliable design of Potable Water System with consistent output water quality in place, the design of a Purified Water System becomes more robust. The main purpose of the Purified Water Generation System is primarily to polish an improve upon the Potable Water System to make it compliant with the existing US FDA standards. The current US FDA Limits for Purified Water read as -
    Conductivity - 0.3µS/cm, TOC-500ppb & Microbial Limit- 100cfu/ml . A typical Purified Water Generation System (but not limited to) consists of -
    Sanitary RO & > EDI System > UV / UF System.. Our team of Designers & system engineers carefully design and optimise the systems to suit your Quality and Quantity needs.
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    Storage & Distribution Systems

    The Storage & Distribution System design is very critical and of utmost importance in delivering the quality at the point of use. All contact materials are preferred to be of SS316L for highest corrosion resistance. Automation, Controls, Loop Velocities during Peak Withdrawal period etc are some of the key points that has to be kept in focus while designing the system. A typical Storage &Distribution System primarily consists of Jacketed Storage Tank Assembly > Recirculating Pump > UV > Recirculating Loop pipeline > Flow, Temperature, Pressure, TOC Sensors.. Our team of Designers, Fabricators and Installation & Commissioning Engineers work together to ensure seamless integration &function of your Storage &Distribution System at your site.
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    Distribution Loop Piping

    The Loop pipeline is one of the most critical area of design and engineering. SS316L tubes with high surface finish (around 0.45µ Ra)are welded with high quality orbital weld machines to get a seamless non-concaving fusion. Erecting these carefully welded tubes at sites ensuring a constant slope for 100% drainability is also of prime importance. Our experienced and well trained technicians overcome all challenges at your site to weld and erect the pipelines as per the approved guidelines.
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    Clean Steam & Utility Piping

    Clean Steam Piping is a major necessity in Pharmaceutical, Bio-pharmaceutical / Food & Beverages manufacturing facility. Clean steam is generated from WFI and is very pure. All the design concerns and erection care like using Orbital Welds etc. that is required for PFW / WFI Loop is also critical for Clean Steam Lines.
    Process piping also involces careful understanding of your process fluids and their flow rates and the areas that need to be connected to. Our Engineers and Technicians understand these at a very micro


At WATERMASS, We believe in commitment. But commitment only follows 'Understanding' and 'Understanding' stems forth from experience and expertise. Our years of experience working on various projects under varying conditions helps us understand your needs better. And hence we commit.

Our trained Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Site Execution team understands our commitment. Their ability to evolve themselves by overcoming the challenges of everyproject is exemplery. A system design is evolved based on the understanding and the commitment given. Our site engineers put on their thinking hats to understand the site challenges while the validation team work tirelessly to ensure stringent compliance of the DQ with the URS and IQ & OQ are in sync with the URS and the latest USP standards.Thus, we execute to the commitments.
We believe that Service support is what differentiates a respectable and reputed company from the rest. Our belief is that neigher man, nor machines are perfect. Machines are only as good as the ability of the service engineers to maintain and support the operator by educating them of the preventive measures and of correct operational compliance. Our trained service engineers firstly ensure your operators education and then when required, ensure reaching your site as fast as possible to get your system up and running as designed. Hence we support.
Sanitary Engg., Custom Design, Reliable Automation
Ensures Validational Ease, Operational Ease, Lowest Downtime Call Us!